Episode 15 Your Life an Owner’s Manual


Life Planning for Continuous Improvement

This is something to do at least annually. We will describe the perfect formula. Do not let the quest for perfection to get in the way of forward motion. Get creative and make the process happen.


  1. Choose a location. The criteria are:
    1. Minimum distraction
    2. Relaxing and pleasant
    3. Set a time each day for the exercises
    4. Do not jump ahead. Take one day at a time. One exercise at a time.
    5. Pack a notebook and writing instruments.
    6. Leave your defensiveness and anger behind. Go into the process open and vulnerable and also be sensitive to the fact that your partner is taking a risk too.
    7. Day by day exercises.
      1. Day One: What were the positives for the last year? What did you enjoy? What were some high points? Make notes.
      2. Day Two: What were the negatives for the last year? What was unpleasant? What were some low points? (Watch the anger and defensiveness. No arguing, explaining or anything else. Only understanding.) Make notes.
      3. Day Three: Where do you want to be five to ten years from now? Describe this condition as completely as possible. Have fun and do not think in practical terms think in terms of audacious possibilities.
      4. Day Four: What are your goals and values? Use our formula or your own.
      5. Day Five: What are we going to do in the next year to increase the list from day one and decrease the list from day two?
      6. Day Six: What specifically are we going to do to attain the life described for five and ten years from now and how are we going to fulfill our goals. Develop as many specific action steps as possible.
      7. Day Seven: Get real about your plan and select actions that are most important to you. Choose high value, high yield actions. Finalize your plan.
      8. Throughout the year. Refer to the plan. Check your progress. Make adjustments.
      9. Rinse and repeat.


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