Get Your Free Copy of Love Lessons in Kindle and Audio formats

Click the picture of the book above  between January 22nd and January 26th for your free Kindle version of the book.

Amazon only allows me to offer the book for free for five days. After this time the book jumps to the huge price of $3.99. The print version is on Amazon. unfortunately free is not an option for the print version and it is $9.99.

Share the Love. Please, please, please review the book on Amazon.


LL22 front cover 5X8 11-27 Kindle

Click on the picture of the book to the right to get your free audio version of the book.

Audible requires you to open an account and provide a credit card to get the free book. You can cancel at any time up to 30 days, keep the book and pay nothing.

We love audible and have had an account for years and we now have hundreds of audio books which we enjoy while driving, working out doing chores all the time. the book is free because Audible expects you to get hooked and remain a member forever.

I have one huge favor to ask. Please, please, please review the book on

We always welcome questions, comments and disagreements or any other feedback you are kind enough to supply.

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