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Your Life Came Without an Owner's manual

My camera came with a 140 page manual which was not enough so I bought a 500 page book. How can something as complicated as a life come with no manual ?

We mean no disrespect to parents or to religious leaders because both are a great help in sorting this problem out but they cannot write someone else’s manual. Each person must write their own, either on purpose of through a long series of accidents.

Writing your owner’s manual will not be easy and it will never be finished,  but it will be worthwhile. We will strive to make this website and our podcasts a resource that will help you and support you through the process.

We will be sharing what has worked and is working for us. We will also share things we tried that did not work for us. We will be doing this as a way of stimulating your thinking about the life you want to design and execute for yourself, not as a prescription.

So get your free subscription to the podcast on Itunes, check the website weekly and have a wonderful life.
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