These are our goals. As with everything we offer, these are here to get you started. You will need to formulate your own goals so they fit your values, priorities and stage of life

Diet and Exercise Goal

Desired Outcome: A lean, strong, attractive and flexible body with the endurance to perform all of our favorite activities

Desired Means: Delicious and interesting food with sufficient variety. Flexibility to “cheat”, eat out, or at parties without a problem. An exercise program that does not take too much time and that is enjoyable. Sustainable for life, no short term fix.

Financial Goal

Desired Outcome: Financial freedom which means freedom from debt, freedom from fear of loss of income, freedom to live how and where we want. The ability to provide help to others.

Desired Means: Spend less than we make and carefully and intelligently invest the difference.

Relationships Goals

Desired Outcomes: First, a marriage filled with love, friendship, mutual support and romance. Second, a loving and supportive relationship with our children and grandchildren. Third, the development and maintenance of close friendships with like minded people. Fourth, positive relationships with extended family, friends and acquaintances, Fifth, reaching out to and giving back to all.

Desired Means: Live every day with love. Begin with the closest relationships and work outward.

Spiritual Goal

Desired Outcome: A spiritual life that informs and guides all behavior and results in a spiritual life in harmony with all other aspects of life.

Desired Means: Adopt a set of beliefs and live in accordance with them.

Career Goal

Desired Outcome: Work that is meaningful and personally satisfying that also generates sufficient income to meet financial goals.

Desired Means: First, find the intersection of what you love to do, what you do better than most other people and an application of what you do in a niche with high demand and low supply. Continuously develop knowledge, skill and capability. Develop a reputation for integrity and other desirable personality and work habit traits.

Health Goals

Desired Outcome: High level mental and physical wellness. On a scale from negative five to positive five with zero as a midpoint, zero would represent the absence of mental and physical illness. We strive for the upper end of the positive side of the scale.

Desired Means: Following best practices for disease prevention, detection and treatment as well as leading practices for the fostering of high level wellness. Employing a wide range of strategies to foster healthful thought processes for solving and rising above life’s challenges. Employing powerful and effective stress management techniques.