McDonald Family Rx Part 11 Pills and Shots

This is probably the only post you will read. I probably could have written this first and skipped the rest. The reason this is so far into the posts is that the basics need to be in place. No fistful of pills will compensate for lack of activity and a crap diet, a life filled with stress and lack of relaxation etc.

Caveat Emptor: Because I use it does not mean that you should. What works well for me may not for you. Interactions with other things you are taking can cause problems. I have based my choice of what to take on my best understanding of the best current science. My understanding could improve tomorrow and I may change my mind. Science may improve tomorrow and change my mind. There is no substitute for the personalized medicine approach taken by a functional medicine practitioner that knows how to use both prescription and nonprescription substances in an integrated fashion.

For each of the substances below, I will list the substance and dose in bold and below it, I will describe why I take it and what it does. I take a lot of stuff so I will probably break this into multiple days of writing.

K2 100 mcg + D3 125 mcg

If you are young and spend an hour a day buck naked in full sunlight you do not need to take vitamin D. If you wear clothes and sunscreen and spend a lot of time indoors your ability to produce Vitamin D naturally is severely impaired. If you are over 50 your ability is reduced to half that of a younger person. D3 is actually a hormone that is involved in too many biological processes to list but they are all important. Two of note are immunity and calcium absorption. The immune system requires D to function properly. Your immune system not only deals with the common cold but also with the job of killing mutated cells that can grow out of control (cancer). K2 is important for directing calcium to the proper location in your body (bones) and away from the wrong places (artery lining). A blood test for vitamin D levels should be part of your annual checkup so that supplementation can be adjusted up or down as needed. Too much can be bad.

Magnesium Citrate 400mg

Just about everyone is magnesium deficient because they do not eat abundant quantities of green leafy vegetables and because the vegetables they do eat are grown in magnesium depleted soil.  Magnesium promotes regular bowel movements and relaxed muscles throughout the body. Muscle cramps are a common indication of deficiency.

High Absorption Curcumin 500mg twice a day

Lowering inflammation is a daily challenge. I leave nothing out in this battle. Curcumin is a derivative of the turmeric root. Absorption is improved by consuming it with a substance found in black pepper. the form I take includes this substance.

Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg

Powerful antioxidant that supports metabolism and cardiovascular health.


This substance is important to cardiovascular health. Supplementation can have a significant impact on your lipid profile. Everyone taking statins must take CoQ10 because the same mechanism that reduces cholesterol production inhibits CoQ10 production.

To be continued tomorrow.