Whey Protein Powder

When we researched protein powders, we found evidence to suggest that the most effective for muscle retention and development is whey. After looking at a lot of brands for quality, taste and cost per unit we settled on CytoSport in the large container.

Fish Oil

Caution: Discuss high dose fish oil with your doctor before first. This is not for everyone and it may require an adjustment to prescription drugs you are taking. A large dose of fish oil is much easier and cheaper to take in liquid form than it is in capsules. We use high dose fish oil for its anti inflammatory effects, triglyceride lowering effects and to reduce platelet adhesion which lowers the risk of a heart attack or stroke due to clot formation. By blending a tablespoon a day into our shake,the furniture polish taste is overcome. We like Carlson because it is generally available and a good name brand. We buy it from Amazon because it can be hard to find in some places and because we believe we are getting fresher product this way.

Easy way to start your low carb journey

Suz found this book and liked the approach. We both tried it and liked the recipes and found it easy to follow. We both lost weight using the approach and have deviated in small ways to adjust to our preferences. Friends and family who have asked about our diet have been referred to this book and all have had excellent results.
We like Jorge’s website too.

The only blender we have used that lasts and works

We have burned up many blenders. The cheap ones go quickly and the more expensive ones a bit more slowly. Until we decided to spend the money on a Vita Mix, none of the blenders worked well or lasted. This blender is expensive and loud but it makes us a great protein shake every morning. If you manage to somehow overload it and we have once, the thermal overload protection circuitry shuts it down before it can burn up. Amazon has the best price and great service. If you are unhappy with the product in the first 30 days send it back.

Inexpensive knives that we depend on

The upper limit on what you can spend for knives seems limitless. We have seen gorgeous works of art in steel that are easy to covet but difficult to justify. This set of knives costs less than one of the high end knives. The set gives you a good assortment for a variety of tasks. Combined with the Chef’s Choice sharpener the only limitation you will face will be your knife skills. We will have to produce a video to introduce knife skills. Until then stay sharp.