Breakfast Shake Recipe

Breakfast Shake

This is our “go to” breakfast. The purpose is to get all of our vitamins and minerals with a large dose of essential fatty acids from fish oil. The fish oil dose is very high. It is roughly the amount found in 20 fish oil capsules. This might be more than most people need or should take so discuss the dose with your doctor before using this much.

Ter takes it to manage a family tendency toward high triglycerides. In his case it cuts the triglycerides in half which is better than the prescription drugs tried previously. Fish oil also reduces clotting and therefore may reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke caused by clotting. Fish oil also reduces inflammation which is implicated in many different issues. The shake also has a lot of protein in it. The fruit provides quite a bit of carbohydrate for a low carb diet but the fruit also supplies fiber and a rich supply of phytonutrients and antioxidants. The taste of the shake is very good despite the fish oil which taken alone tastes a lot like furniture polish.

The blender creates an emulsion that makes it easy to absorb the vitamins, minerals and fish oil. This overcomes absorption problems common to vitamin and mineral pills. This shake is the reason we have burned up several very good blenders before we invested in the VitaMix.

Depending on your protein needs or how strict you want to be with carbs, it would be possible to reduce either the protein powder or the fruit. Adjust to your needs.


CytoSport Complete Whey Protein 2 Scoops

Carlson Fish Oil 1 Tablespoon

All One Vitamin and Mineral Powder 1 Scoop

Ice Water 3 Cups

Frozen Berries 2 Cups

Place the ice water in the blender with the protein powder and vitamin and mineral powder. Blend until smooth. Add the fish oil to the vortex in the blender and allow to emulsify completely. Stop the blender and add the berries. Use the VitaMix Accelerator/Tamper tool to get the berries to blend into a smooth shake.

We buy frozen berries in large packages from Costco or Sam’s. Frozen berries are harvested at their peak and the fact that they are frozen helps to produce a thick and creamy shake. the cost at the big discounters is manageable. The little packages at the grocery store were cost prohibitive. For fewer carbs substitute a half cup of almonds and a dash or almond extract or vanilla extract. the VitaMix will turn almonds into almond milk in a minute at high speed. less capable blenders might just make a sand like substance from them.

Suz drinks one cup of the finished shake and Ter drinks three.