McDonald Family Rx by Dr.Ter


I am not a doctor and I do not even play one on TV. The recommendations I make in this section are based on my own research and my own choices. When possible I will include source documents you can use to do a deeper dive as you make your own choices. Every person is different. What works for me may or may not work for you. The more closely we are related, the more likely you will have some of the genetic strengths and weaknesses I have. Something else you should keep in mind is that science is evolving rapidly. What the scientific community believed forty years ago about fat and cholesterol has been proven to be absolutely false. I cannot promise that the science I share with you may not be overturned by advances in research tomorrow.

Something also to keep in mind is that genes can exist but not be expressed. For example you could have an oncogene, that is, one that predisposes you to a type of cancer and yet you might live your entire life cancer free because the epigenome never caused that gene to be expressed. A doctor I have followed for years describes it this way. The genome loads the gun but the epigenome pulls the trigger. If the trigger is never pulled the gun never fires. the epigenome is composed of all of your environmental and lifestyle factors over a lifetime.

Whole Person Approach

Convention medicine is focused on body parts and disease. Disease treatment in this model consists of searching for the “silver bullet” drug that will “cure” the disease. This approach is failing with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, skin problems, joint problems etc. I will share the supplements and prescription drugs I take and why I take them but you should realize that taking these things without dealing with other matters such as diet, exercise, relaxation relationships etc. is like putting lipstick on a pig. For this reason I will address some details on diet, exercise, relationships, relaxation and sleep etc.

Personalized Medicine

Until recently medicine has used a one size fits all approach. Genetics and the field of functional medicine is creating a body of knowledge that now more than ever allows for a personalized approach. Your genetic makeup may make you a great candidate for some treatments and drugs and a terrible candidate for others. This approach is in its infancy but it still makes sense to use the little information available to your advantage. New information is emerging every day. If you have your genome sequenced by 23 and Me, you will get updates as new research is published. you can also volunteer to fill out questionnaires that will contribute to knowledge of the effect of genetics on health.

Step One

In order to personalize your approach to health, you need data. One good place to start is your genome. To do this google 23 and Me. Go to the site and order the ancestry and health kit. Please order it directly from 23 and me. I know that works because Suz and I both did it that way and we were pleased with the outcome.