Low-Carb Biscuits Sausage and Gravy in Honor of Jimmy Moore

I love a challenge. When we were interviewed by Jimmy Moore on Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb, I took on the challenge of making sausage biscuits and gravy in a way that would not violate a low-carb diet. This meal is one that we really have missed since going low-carb. I am pleased to report mission accomplished.

The biscuit recipe comes to us courtesy of Prevention magazine online free recipes at the bitly link below. The recipe is from Dr. Davis the author of Wheat Belly. He provided Prevention with an excerpt from his new cook book.Use the link to buy his cook book.



Follow Dr. Davis’s recipe for biscuits. It works great and we love them. They look a little weird when they come out of the oven but we cover them with gravy and sausage so only the taste and texture matter to us.

In a blender combine two cups of liquid (either two cups of whole milk, two cups of Half and Half or a cup of heavy cream and a cup of water) with one teaspoon of Thick It Up. This stuff really works and it contains zero net carbs. Use the above link to buy Thick It Up to help support this website and podcast.

We like bulk breakfast sausage meat. Cook whatever quantity of sausage any way you like but keep a quarter cup of raw meat to make the gravy. To make the gravy, brown the sausage meat in a skillet. Break the meat up into tiny crumbles as it browns. Add a pinch of salt and a generous grind of black pepper. We like a lot of black pepper in our gravy. Be careful not to burn the sausage. When the sausage is cooked add the milk and thickener from the blender. Heat will cause the dairy to thicken to a smooth and silky gravy.

Serve the gravy over the biscuits and top with sausage and enjoy.

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