McDonald Family Rx Part 4

While you are waiting for your first appointment with your Functional medicine practitioner, the results of your 23 and Me genetic test and the lab results that will be ordered after your first visit, there are a few things you can start to do right away.

The first is to listen to our podcasts. We spent hundreds of hours putting together the podcasts that were based on thousands of hours we spent developing the three-day stress and wellness seminar we delivered hundreds of times to groups in several companies. Merck hired us to do the seminar for years (Thank You, Laurie). The Merck groups often contained Md. Ph.D. medical researchers who would have shut us down if we did not present solid information that was well researched and documented.

I have no intention of recreating all of the material in the podcasts in print form in this blog. I will assume knowledge of the podcasts in what I write. For a thorough grounding please start with podcast one. Skip those that do not contain information that interests you. The podcasts are easily accessed from any podcast app you have on an iPad, phone or any computer. Reply on Facebook if you have any trouble finding and playing the podcasts. Start with Podcast One. The Podcasts build upon each other so listening in order is important.

I hope you get hooked on podcasts. I find them to be a great free and fun way to fill your ears and mind with great information while doing other things like yard work, exercising or driving. I listen to about 12 hours of podcasts a week.