McDonald Family Rx Part 6

Part 5 describes an approach to eating that I believe best fits McDonald genes while providing delicious, interesting varied food. Nothing is completely off limits with this approach unless you have a severe reaction to it and need to avoid it for that reason. The foods we avoid in general, we will have for a fun splurge occasion. For example when in Canada you must try Poutine which is french fries smothered in brown gravy and cheese curds. What you eat 80% of the time is what counts.

If you do start eating as described in Part 5, you will probably lose body fat, decrease inflammation, increase energy, improve gut health and in general feel better. When you have medical tests done I would not be surprised if all of your numbers moved in a desirable direction.

The cost of this is more meal planning, more cooking from scratch and a steep initial learning curve. Once you get into the routine however it gets easy. It should also be noted that decades of damage do not go away overnight. Some damage is irreversible and some will reverse slowly. The turnover of cells in your body does mean that in time there will be a new you.

One of the results of this way of eating will be a reduction in the amount of insulin your body needs to produce because of the elimination of simple sugars and the reduction in carbs in general.

Insulin is important because it does two things. First, it removes sugar from your blood to try to keep it in the desirable range ( In the case of diabetes it fails in this effort). Your brain requires a narrow range of blood glucose levels. Too high or low and your brain cannot function and death follows rapidly. The second thing insulin does is to signal fat cells when to store fat and when to release it. High insulin tells your body to store fat and not release it. Low insulin tells your body to release fat for energy and burn it. Loss of insulin sensitivity means that your pancreas has to produce more and more insulin to regulate blood sugar and therefore your blood levels of insulin are high which tells your body to store fat and to hang onto it tightly.

Bodyfat reduction requires lower insulin and improved insulin sensitivity. Diet, exercise, good sleep, reduced inflammation, and relaxation can do both of these things. the degree of effort and time required depends on how far “McDonald Syndrome” has already progressed. Prevention is easy so the youngest among us should start now and never have a problem. Oldsters like me need to be very disciplined and make every effort every day. If you are already being treated for diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and bad lipids like high triglyceride, low HDL and high LDL, you may need the combination of every possible diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention combined with a supplement and prescription meds. Prescription meds only control symptoms somewhat they do not cure the underlying disease.