Best Exercise Equipment

This is the top of the line from Bowflex. This machine is easy to work with, provides every exercise a large gym can provide and is so well made that you will never even begin to wear it out. This is the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.                                                Bowflex Revolution Home GymWorking out on this machine changed the shape of Ter’s body. The resistance is smooth and extends through the full range of the motion. Ter is listening to a book from Audible on his bluetooth stereo headphones while he works out. There are many extremely positive things we can say about this machine and three negatives that would not stop us from buying it all over again. The three negatives are:

  1. Cost, this is a very high quality machine and it is worth every penny but it is expensive. In our recommendations section we will show you how to save a bundle on a refurb unit.
  2. Weight, Building something that is incredibly strong and stable take a lot of steel. This machine has a lot of steel in it.
  3. It can be folded up into a compact arrangement that frees up space, but you had better be in shape to try raising and lowering it.

We love this machine and recommend it highly for an extremely effective home resistance training device. It is not to be confused with it’s little brother the Revolution FT or it’s much less robust cousins with the power rods.

Boflex Revolution