Episode 6 Your Life an Owner’s Manual



A ketogenic diet is based on consuming very few carbs, in the range of 20-50 a day to force the body to shift into burning fat and making ketones from fat to supply energy to the brain.

Knowing if you have succeeded in making the shift requires testing urine with ketostix or testing blood using ketone test strips in a blood glucose meter. We have purchased the equipment but have not begun testing.
We are carefully measuring our intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat to be sure we are keeping our carbs below 50g and our protein low enough to prevent excess protein from being turned into glucose through gluconeogenesis and therefore taking us out of ketosis. To get this right we are using a nutrient calculator on Jenny Rhul’s website.

Our book of the week is Jenny Rhul’s book Diet 101 available on Amazon as a paperback or kindle book. We love Jenny’s practical, carefully researched, clear and direct style. She knows what she is talking about from actual experience and careful research.

Our recipes of the week are parmesan crisps and almond butter chocolate truffles. These are two treats we eat when we have a craving for something salty and crispy or when we crave something rich, sweet and chocolaty.